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Breath of light was inspired by the way I witnessed God  breathing life into me during my trials and hardships. My life  was transformed by seeing the light of Jesus’ love shining from within my terminally ill sons. The way they persevered and accepted the challenge given to them was supernatural and worthy of glorifying our Heavenly King. 

Feed your mind with God’s Word. Let the Holy Spirit wash over you. As you breathe in the breath of God you will exhale your light for others to find their way to Him. Together we can spread the seed of hope and breathe light into dark places.

Whether you speak your story, write your story, or desire a need to heal your story, Breath of Light can help you navigate.

FOX6 News Milwaukee exclusive on 9/18/22

 “No disability can keep a person from the ability of living a fulfilling life.”


Keeping it Real

At times the weight of the mission is too hard to carry. You may feel like you want to give up which is exactly how I felt this morning. This feeling didn’t stem from my lack of belief in what I am doing, but rather my ability to overcome technical and outreach obstacles. I felt…

In the Hands of the Potter

But now, O Lord, You are our Father, we are the clay, and You our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand. (Isaiah 64:8) I laid still, like a lump of unmolded clay without form or shape. I trusted my own ways and was repeatedly broken in the heat of life.…

A Mother’s Heart

“Mary treasured all these things and pondered on them in her heart.”(Luke 2:19) As the mother of Jesus, Mary was not exempt from suffering, yet from the beginning she trusted in the Lord. Mary seemed to realize that she could not hold onto her Son, but rather He held her and her faith grew deeper.…