Release of My Memoir

“I See Jesus” Releasing 10-10-22!

Surrender all to God and He will wipe away every tear and bring joy out of your sorrow. Below is an excerpt from my memoir:

“Through all these obstacles, we still managed to find joy. We cultivated our trust in God. We took a time when it seemed impossible to be happy, with external circumstances that tried to weigh us down, and turned it into our garden of hope. God planted peace in the garden of my heart, where He lives. Weeds grew there too, but the loyal Gardener worked to get rid of them. When I sat quietly with Him, He shined the light of His presence directly into my troubled heart. In this heavenly light, peace abundantly grew and my weeds shriveled up. As trials entered my life, I trusted Him in the midst of my troubles. My peace flourished, and my weeds died away. I was then able to thank God for my troublesome situations; I saw my life flourish more, and the peace that settled upon me outweighed the trials I endured.”

Trent holding Leo tenderly

Choose to Not Suffer

Even though I have endured the death of two of my children, I choose not to suffer. It is a conscious choice I make each morning as the sun begins to rise.

By choosing joy, I have released myself from the grasp of the enemy, allowing God to use my pain for His purpose.

“And provide for those who grieve in Zion—to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor”—ISAIAH 61:3

Illustrating Leo

I began writing Living Life with Leo shortly after he passed away. It was when I realized my memoir was shifting from sharing Leo’s opportunities to sharing more about my whole life experiences.

I created a list of the activities we made possible for him, it was a long list. I then realized it would be too long for one illustrated book which is when the thought of breaking the adventures into seasons dawned on me.

It wasn’t intentional at first, but the sentences started coming out in rhyme, and I smiled to myself recalling Leo’s love for rhyming books.

It was at this pivotal moment, that I knew, the only way these books were really going to have an impact was if I could find an illustrator to capture Leo’s essence.

This is when Jayden entered the scene. We met for hours talking about the spirit of Leo and how his smile and eyes captivated people. I asked her if she could create a sample of him. One look was all it took and I knew she was the one!

May be an illustration of one or more people, people sitting and text

Excitement in the Air

I am 25 days away from showing the world how God’s children are all valued and loved! I am also announcing my business, “Breath of Light,” for releasing future books as an author, speaking events, and life coach services.

Bringing “Living Life with Leo” alive has been a collaboration project of passion. Every individual involved, from me as the author, to Jayden the illustrator, and the loved ones that encouraged me, have all felt God’s hand on this project.

Now is the time to begin spreading Leo’s Light. The marketing team is working hard on gathering and creating materials to help grow this business and get our feet off the ground.