Life Coach

Diane’s life experiences occurred not only to shape her into a better version of herself, but to also help others live the best version of themselves.

As a mother that has suffered the loss of two of her children in addition to both parents and multiple siblings, she understands how circumstances could potentially guide steps.

Grief is a necessary part of healing and it is a journey that is traveled at an individual’s pace. However, Diane believes we have the capability of not allowing it to control us.

Diane truly cares about the well-being of others and wants to help navigate individuals to discover their purpose and potential in all aspects of their life.

Whether she is speaking, writing a book, or working one on one with an individual, it is coming from a source of love as a service to God. She recognizes the power of words and wants to help others be conscious of the power they give to their own thoughts which leads to their actions.

Sessions together will help you look inward and discover what God already sees in you.

If you are seeking group coaching for your family, friend, acquaintance; please feel free to contact Diane and share a little about your story. Diane is available for regular sessions depending on your goals set in place during the first visit.

There is power in people, and as a group, resources can be used to highlight the positive parts of life trapped in the fog of everyday life. Group sessions can include book readings, Bible studies, activities, and even more depending on where the journey leads. With God, and Diane, perhaps talking it out can make the group feel more connected.

If you’re interested in a coaching session, I’d love to hear from you.