Public Speaking

Students at Summit View Elementary hear about how “Living Life with Leo” was created

I began speaking to spread a message of hope. After enduring the loss of two sons, both my parents, and multiple siblings I have gained empathy and compassion towards others with their own trials.

Through my life experiences I have witnessed my words heal and encourage others through their own life circumstances. I have spoken as a keynote speaker to multiple women’s groups, bible study groups, and to couples within family ministry on the topics of cancer and loss.

My journey in life has enabled me to speak on various topics ranging from loss of loved ones to living with purpose. Sharing the story is healing and as I speak the words, I hope it helps heal others.

Diane shares her process to a group of teachers

A Message of Inclusivity

Living Life with Leo spreads a message of inclusion and adventure to children. Students at numerous elementary schools have enjoyed hearing the book read aloud as well as shouting out where the cardinal is hidden within the pages.

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A Message of Faith

Bring God into the center of your life by having a message of purpose from pain shared with your community. Churches have enjoying hearing about the journey from darkness into the light and how Jesus saved many of those closest to Diane.

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A Message of Choosing Joy

Grief affects many in various ways which is tough to talk about at times. By choosing joy, life can be enriched with the actions of each day.

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  • Speaking rates will vary depending on the type of event, preparation involved, and travel.
  • If traveling out of my local area, it is assumed that all air travel, hotel, and car travel will be paid for by the event organizers in addition to the agreed upon speaking fee.