While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of Light.

John 12:36

Trent Allen Nienas


My life was never really my own, l lived for God and Him alone. Pursued my dreams from the very start, lived with Jesus in heart. I fought the fight given to me, living by faith had set me free. Put on the armor of God’s love, a warrior of His, strength from above. Courage from God filled my heart, waking each day to do my part. Bright blue eyes, a smile on my face, I tried to battle with love and grace. Grabbed His shield to protect my soul, arriving in Heaven will make me whole. I leave my mark for others to see, believing in Jesus will be my legacy.

Leo Xavier Nienas


Mom and Dad don’t cry that I didn’t stay. We all only visit; God planned it that way. Some stay a long while, like grandpa had done. But sometimes God calls home his littlest ones. I know you’ll be lonesome for me for a while, but time heals wounds and again you will smile. So please wipe away those tears from your eyes. You have your own little angel, there’s no need to cry. Heaven’s just wonderful, you just wait and see. You’ll find me, dear Mom and Dad, on “Our Father’s Knee.”

Morning Blend: Coping with Loss

Special thanks to the non-profits that were a shining light during Leo’s time of need.

Katy’s Kloset was an organization that brought a great deal of relief to our lives. They provided a free service to borrow medical equipment for any length of time. These items were donated by previous users who either outgrew them or no longer needed them. Access to these items bridged gaps, especially during times when specialized items, such as a wheelchair, to suit Leo’s particular needs took so long to manufacture. Numerous volunteers give their time to assist in finding what is needed, such as a walker, wheelchair, bath equipment, or diapers. There were many workers over the years who had their hearts warmed by Leo’s presence. The handyman was skilled at making what was in stock fit Leo’s needs until his own personal item was ready. They did such an amazing job providing for Leo, that over the course of his life, we only had to request one wheelchair from our insurance company.

Independence First offers a wide range of services and resources for people with disabilities aiding in their ability to live independently in the community. In addition to the classes and workshops provided, they also advocate for inclusion and positive change in all aspects of life. For Leo, this particular non-profit organization assisted in his social and entertainment areas of life. Leo was always up for trying amazing adventures. When adaptive water and snow skiing were presented as opportunities, Leo was up for the challenge. These adventures were led by special people, dedicating not only their time, but their resources to make the experiences happen. The engineering behind these events is brilliant. Creating a ski that can help support an individual with limited core strength, crafting it so it can click on to the lift safely, and then providing a skilled skier to assist in taking the special needs child down the hill is such a heart touching moment.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s mission is to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Our family circumstances led us to have Leo’s wish granted. Our wish grantors planned a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney World which had an unforgettable impact on our family that went beyond just the trip. Make-A-Wish gave us an experience to remember forever, even more so now that Leo is gone. We witnessed the sparkle of pure joy in Leo’s eyes, despite the weak and fragile state his body was in.

If you have been moved to keep Leo’s Light shining on others, consider donating to these three non-profits by clicking on the button below.